Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Honeymoon

Fort Lauderdale, FloridaWe drove to Miami to check out the Seaquarium.
Kevin wrangled this alligator at the Seaquarium.
After leaving Miami, we ended up in the Hollywood, Florida ER. Kevin was covered in some weird rash (which lasted the whole honeymoon!).
The next day, right before leaving on our cruise. This was the first time Kevin had been in the ocean. Some nice lady offered to take the pic for us.

Key West, Florida

At a pirate museum in Key West. The guy taking the pic told us he left a job in California making $100,000 + a year to be a pirate actor. I should have hit HIM with the hammer!
At the top of the pirate lookout. Kevin is smiling, but he just wants to get down (turns out SOME of us don't like heights!).
Our cruise ship - the Enchantment of the Seas (a Royal Caribbean ship)
Formal night on the ship.
First stop in Cozymel, Mexico (if you look to the left, you can see the scooter we rode that Kevin wrecked into a tree while trying to get it back on the road after this stop. Some British guy ran over to make sure Kevin was ok and told Kevin he thought he was trying to be James Bond. lol!).
This was after snorkeling off Cozymel. I had my hat on right, but the wind literally blew it off. If you think I look terrible with a backwards hat, you should see me with wet, saltwater hair.
Us with our tour driver in Belize (that's his car behind us). Do not adjust your screen - my legs really ARE that white! lol

The last night of the cruise - us with our servers and the two ladies that sat at the table next to us (and no, they aren't just "best friends on a cruise together" if you know what I mean). The one in red is a nurse, and the other - yes folks, she's a Florida Highway Patrol Officer). They were really nice though, as were the two servers.

This is from the Washington D.C. airport, on our way home. Notice Kevin's somewhat annoyed face at yet ANOTHER picture, when he thought they were all over. Notice me wearing my favorite shirt of all time - Hot Dog Pete's (got it in Jersey when visiting my college roommate Lauren). :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our wedding

The whole wedding party

(Left to right: Jordan, Courtney, my cousin Ashley, Audrey, my sister-in-law Kendra, my sister Amy, me, Kevin, Kevin's brother-in-law Kevin, my brother Drew, Charlie, Kevin's brother Daniel, and John Tyler)

Kevin's mom, sister & brother-in-law
Kevin's dad, stepmom, & his two brothers
Beth's parents & siblings
Kevin & his nephew Haden
(commonly referred to as "the Hadenator")
My Uncle Lamon officiated the ceremony
The Vows
Amy & Drew sang "The Prayer" just like Josh Groban & Charlotte Church

The Sowders/Jones family The Hubbs family

The Holmes family

My cousin Christina & her daughter Cora Mae

Monday, March 24, 2008

Kevin & Beth...

This pic is from the night we got engaged. Doesn't my dad look thrilled! :)
This is from my Grandma's backyard. Kevin & Amy were throwing those apples before this pic was taken (but don't tell my Grandpa!)

I thought it would be appropriate to start this blog with pics of Kevin & me before we were married so I can progress until now. Look how young we look! It's amazing what two and a half years of marriage, two dogs, and a mortgage will do to age a couple!