Monday, November 17, 2008

Hey Katie, wanna get a picture with me?

So, I fully understand that I looked terrible. I can own that. It was late. I had worked all day. Odds are I had a baseball hat on until I came home from work. My makeup needed some work (let's be honest - a LOT of me needed some work, lol). But you'd think my one and only kid could smile with me for ONE little picture (ok, so it's never just one picture. It's as many as I can shoot before the camera battery dies, but still). There was NO getting Katie to smile...and I could have even lived with a serious face. But no. The little ham had to make a face. I am in serious trouble when this little jokester gets older. :)

Hey wait...that reminds me of a picture I took a few years ago with another person living at my house... Katie is definitely her father's daughter!

This picture is for Aunt Amy - who so lovingly purchased the pj set that Miss Holmes is modeling. I think she looks like a little British girl with that cap on. Katie loved the pj's, Aunt Amy!

The next three pictures are some of my favorite "Katie pics" of all time (well, so far anyway). Apparently her activity gym was SO much fun, it knocked her out cold on the mat. I only wish I looked this peaceful when I slept.

"I give up! I can't play any longer! ...must...have...sleep...!"

Friday, November 14, 2008

Still growin!

Update: November 7, 2008, Miss Holmes had a visit to the pediatrician. She now officially weighs 15 lbs., 6 ozs., and is 25 inches long. The poor kid got FOUR shots AND to add to her pain, a tooth (her second) broke through that day. She was MISERABLE all weekend long (so were we, for her sake).

Campaign commercials were SO very prominent this year, that Katie couldn't help but get into the election process. This is her watching Guiliani at the Republican National Convention (yes, we know it was past her bedtime, but she begged to stay up and watch).
The next night she watched John McCain accept the nomination for the Republican party. Too bad he didn't realize then that the media had no intention of him winning the election. When Sarah Palin was there with her family, Katie asked if she could meet Trig one day. We'll see.

It seems hard to believe that Katie is 6 months old already. I can't believe how quickly time has passed and how much she has grown already! Although, her feet apparently didn't get the message about growing. She is STILL wearing these newborn shoes that Aunt Amy bought her.

The bottom of the left shoe says "pitter" and the bottom of the right says "patter" which is kinda crazy considering Katie's legs are still like jello and her feet don't "pitter patter" anywhere.

Katie in one of her most favorite outfits (thanks to my cousin Phillip & his wife Lori).

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Apparently during the month of August, all Katie did was sleep!
This picture especially makes me laugh. She looks like one of those police outlines you see on tv. lol
She's sleeping, but cannot give up the keys!
She is just like her dad - able to sleep anytime, anywhere. :)