Sunday, January 4, 2009


Okay, okay, okay...this post is for those that have been hounding me to update. My apologies for the time without new pics. In case you didn't already know, Kevin & I are expecting another little one sometime early July, so that has made me especially tired lately (at least, that is the excuse I'm using as to why I haven't updated). :)

Katie's First Taste of Solids...

We thought she wouldn't like the rice cereal we were giving her. Almost every picture I've seen of friends' babies eating their first taste of cereal, they have this stunned face (that is ALWAYS hilarious), so we were hoping for the same thing from Miss Holmes. See what faces she DID make:

"What is this foreign object you're putting in my mouth???"

"Hmm...what's in and ON my mouth?"

"Oh, this stuff is delicious!"
Ok, this picture isn't really an accurate picture of what happened. She was pleasant and loved her cereal, until she decided she was done playing the game and wanted to eat. :)

Katie's second taste of solids - purple cotton candy.

Katie's first cotton candy stained tongue!