Monday, August 18, 2008


In case you forgot, this picture reminds you why we call her Ziggy (but we think she's a very cute Ziggy, so it's ok).
"I think it's HILARIOUS that they call me Ziggy!"
Family pics...too bad the photographer couldn't get Zigs to look the same direction as us!
Kevin and Katie...she looks serious because she was thinking it was about time to eat.
This time she's not thinking about food, she's just thinking "don't these two get enough of kissing me???"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nothing special...

I would like to add some pictures that DO NOT include ones of Ziggy on her changing pad, but she's just so happy there! A friend of mine just saw Katie for the first time last week and said "oh she's so smiley!" Most of the time, she really is. She's SUCH a good girl (although, I'm wondering while I'm writing this if I'm jinxing myself! lol).
Check out these cheeks! When Katie was born, the nurses were taking her to be weighed, and the first thing my doctor said was "look at those cheeks!" The cheeks haven't changed. This is Ziggy watching the news with me.
Ziggy later that night. Her new official bedtime is 10 pm. She was up late partying and obviously couldn't handle it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Growing like a weed!

Update: August 4, 2008 - Katie officially weighs 12 lbs., 8 ozs. The pediatrician said she's gaining approx. 3/4 oz. every day. It seems impossible our 8 lb. newborn is already a 3 month old baby! Katie is a sweet girl, quite the social butterfly, and very smart already (we assume she can tell time, because she gets fussy if she's not in bed by 10 pm). :) We love our little muffin!
This picture is from her 2-month doctor visit. She's smiling in this pic because she didn't know she was about to go get 4 shots (poor little thing!).
Katie's first 4th of July! We ate dinner and spent the afternoon with Grandma Starr, Grandpa Roger, and Aunt Amy (though somehow she got out of having a pic!), then went to see fireworks (Katie fell asleep RIGHT before the fireworks started, and didn't wake up until the finale - then she just STARED...I don't even think she blinked!). :)
Katie is smiling in this pic because someone told her she looks a lot like Grandma Starr.

Katie with Grandpa Roger - obviously he's telling her a very interesting story.Yet another picture of Katie on the changing pad.
So the color isn't great in this pic, but I posted it because I think it's a great smile. Katie had just gotten finished telling me how much she liked the fireworks on her first 4th of July.