Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So I KNOW I shouldn't even have a blog, since I can't manage to update it enough - but I'm going to TRY to fast forward through some old Katie pics to get to the more recent stuff (we just got a new camera, so I've been MUCH better about snapping pics more frequently).

This is just Katie, chillin on the couch. She is this happy ALMOST all of the time. She's such a good girl (I can only hope the next girl is as sweet and happy as Katie is - but I guess we'll keep the next girl even if she's not). :)
Katie dressed up as an ice cream cone for Halloween. I had to work that evening, so she came to visit me in her costume. She already knows she's going as a cupcake Halloween 2009. Yes, she will hate me when she's older. :)

This girl is NEVER going to crawl! This is the face she used to make if we put her on her tummy. We now refer to her as the human rolling pin, because she will literally roll all over the room if she sees something she wants.

Nothing special about this pic - other than little Smiles McGee. I was teasing her with her yellow duck.

She got the duck from me, and that was the end of the smiles. About 2 minutes of intense chewing, and the yellow duck was soaked.