Wednesday, July 8, 2009

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Close ups

Since we got our new camera in March, I have been much better about taking decent pics (because there were a couple of months that passed with only pics taken with our cell phones, ugh). As you can see, I was playing with the settings on the new camera and seeing what it could do close up. Here are the results.
I think if she could speak, she would be saying "hey lady, can you get the camera out of my face while I watch my show?" lol

See the blue eyes? They didn't come from Kevin (his eyes are green) or me (even though my eyes are blue, they aren't this color blue). If she didn't look SO much like her dad, I'd seriously consider calling the hospital to find out whose kid I have! :)

Check out how chubby that little cheek is! Don't you just want to kiss it?

This is one of my favorite pics...I just wish it was her whole face, but I love her expression. She is a sweet, happy girl almost all the time. I cannot remember what in the world I did with my time before she got here. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guess what Katie loves???

Jello Pudding Pops.
I know it's not the best thing in the world for her, but as of her last doctor's visit, she is only in the 25th percentile for weight and height. I figure a little pudding isn't going to ruin her diet. :)
She also loves reading...
Reading the Ikea ad. The closest one to us is about thirty minutes away, so we try to make sure we have a good reason to go.

Reading a book while I got her lunch ready. My sister was quick to point out the title of the book, and suggested that I had something to do with it - Of course not! Can I help it if Katie loves books about other creatures of nature loving their mommy's, the way she loves me???

AND, she loves coming to work with me...
Look what I found under my desk at work one day. At least she came with a maraca.

Also at work with me. Clearly she had an important cell phone call to make and couldn't be bothered with pictures.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Since I cannot seem to post pictures regularly enough to be up-to-date, I thought I'd play catch-up and post one from each month. This is also to show that Katie Holmes is quite possibly the smiley-est kid in town.
This pic is from November...chillin in her exersaucer.
This is from December - my mom doesn't like that we're dressing her in Ohio State stuff that looks so boyish, but it is TOUGH finding cute pink OSU attire! Plus, I think Katie looks cute in overalls. :)

This was Katie in January while visiting her Aunt Kendra and cousin Haden. She LOVES Haden, even though we don't see them as often as we should.
This is Katie playing on the living room floor while we were re-doing the living room (it turns out getting a new tv meant we also got a new entertainment center, got rid of a window in the room, and got new paint...that turned into one expensive tv. lol BUT, we gained some space, which is totally worth the money). In this pic I was pretending to step on Katie, which she though was hilarious, but what I didn't tell her was how much I weigh (and I'm not posting it here either). :)

This is from March...and is one of the few pics that I will post of Katie NOT smiling. Baby yawning pics make ME smile, so that's why I'm posting it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So I KNOW I shouldn't even have a blog, since I can't manage to update it enough - but I'm going to TRY to fast forward through some old Katie pics to get to the more recent stuff (we just got a new camera, so I've been MUCH better about snapping pics more frequently).

This is just Katie, chillin on the couch. She is this happy ALMOST all of the time. She's such a good girl (I can only hope the next girl is as sweet and happy as Katie is - but I guess we'll keep the next girl even if she's not). :)
Katie dressed up as an ice cream cone for Halloween. I had to work that evening, so she came to visit me in her costume. She already knows she's going as a cupcake Halloween 2009. Yes, she will hate me when she's older. :)

This girl is NEVER going to crawl! This is the face she used to make if we put her on her tummy. We now refer to her as the human rolling pin, because she will literally roll all over the room if she sees something she wants.

Nothing special about this pic - other than little Smiles McGee. I was teasing her with her yellow duck.

She got the duck from me, and that was the end of the smiles. About 2 minutes of intense chewing, and the yellow duck was soaked.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Katie Katie the Pumpkin Lady

Since this past October was Katie's first fall season, I thought it was appropriate for us to take her to the country to get a pumpkin. She couldn't decide which one was more comfortable though. Katie loves her Daddy. Even the pumpkin in her lap wasn't enough to distract her from looking at him.

Grandma Starr, Katie, and Aunt Amy. Katie loves hanging out with the girls.

Grandpa Roger is CONSTANTLY sneaking candy to Katie, although even I was surprised to see that he was willing to give up his favorite candy bar to her!

"Hmm, I think I like this...and Grandpa Roger is my favorite!"