Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Katie Katie the Pumpkin Lady

Since this past October was Katie's first fall season, I thought it was appropriate for us to take her to the country to get a pumpkin. She couldn't decide which one was more comfortable though. Katie loves her Daddy. Even the pumpkin in her lap wasn't enough to distract her from looking at him.

Grandma Starr, Katie, and Aunt Amy. Katie loves hanging out with the girls.

Grandpa Roger is CONSTANTLY sneaking candy to Katie, although even I was surprised to see that he was willing to give up his favorite candy bar to her!

"Hmm, I think I like this...and Grandpa Roger is my favorite!"

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Jake, Lauren, and Grace said...

She looks serious about that candy bar. And that pic of her lounging on the pumpkins is too much for me to handle! Only one problem- it's almost MARCH!!!!! PUMPKIN PICS??? You are definitely going to need to post many more pictures to update us on what she looks like in the winter/spring!!!!