Sunday, May 3, 2009

Since I cannot seem to post pictures regularly enough to be up-to-date, I thought I'd play catch-up and post one from each month. This is also to show that Katie Holmes is quite possibly the smiley-est kid in town.
This pic is from November...chillin in her exersaucer.
This is from December - my mom doesn't like that we're dressing her in Ohio State stuff that looks so boyish, but it is TOUGH finding cute pink OSU attire! Plus, I think Katie looks cute in overalls. :)

This was Katie in January while visiting her Aunt Kendra and cousin Haden. She LOVES Haden, even though we don't see them as often as we should.
This is Katie playing on the living room floor while we were re-doing the living room (it turns out getting a new tv meant we also got a new entertainment center, got rid of a window in the room, and got new paint...that turned into one expensive tv. lol BUT, we gained some space, which is totally worth the money). In this pic I was pretending to step on Katie, which she though was hilarious, but what I didn't tell her was how much I weigh (and I'm not posting it here either). :)

This is from March...and is one of the few pics that I will post of Katie NOT smiling. Baby yawning pics make ME smile, so that's why I'm posting it.

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Tracy said...

Hey there! Katie's pictures never fail to make me smile...ah, that sweet face...especially that last photo of the yawn...PRECIOUS!

Hope you're feeling good with your pregnancy...Kevin will REALLY be outnumbered when the newest girl arrives! ; )