Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guess what Katie loves???

Jello Pudding Pops.
I know it's not the best thing in the world for her, but as of her last doctor's visit, she is only in the 25th percentile for weight and height. I figure a little pudding isn't going to ruin her diet. :)
She also loves reading...
Reading the Ikea ad. The closest one to us is about thirty minutes away, so we try to make sure we have a good reason to go.

Reading a book while I got her lunch ready. My sister was quick to point out the title of the book, and suggested that I had something to do with it - Of course not! Can I help it if Katie loves books about other creatures of nature loving their mommy's, the way she loves me???

AND, she loves coming to work with me...
Look what I found under my desk at work one day. At least she came with a maraca.

Also at work with me. Clearly she had an important cell phone call to make and couldn't be bothered with pictures.

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Jake, Lauren, Grace, and Abigail said...

This kid is too cute...reading the Ikea flyer...and smiling as big as she possibly can. Thanks to her mother for FINALLY posting some new pics of the kid! Keep them coming!We love her!!!!!!!